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The Purposeful Vision Compass

Life can be the best or worst thing that happens to an individual.  Why is Life like this?  Why do we not all enjoy the same level of life?  Lack of equality, lack of eduction, ancient belief systems and the absence of a purposeful Vision.

My personal belief is any person can be an achiever, any person can have a purposeful life and all can have a Vision for the future they want.  Life is a Journey full of challenges, some obstacles seam impossible to get through, but not if you have a purposeful vision compass.  When you as a individual are without a plan it is difficult to go anywhere, life can appear to be daunting and eventually boring and possibly not worth living.

Some in desperation turn to the concept of god and maybe for a brief period of time you have a purpose and a reason to move forward on your life journey.  Issues with this approach are the goals and objectives are too distant for humans and lacks the rewards that the flesh needs.

I like the approach of having a vision for your life.  Visions and day dreaming are not the same thing,  a visionary places action to create the reality of the vision, day dreamers just dream and move nowhere.  Visions without actions are just daydreams.  Acting on your daydreams you now transformed them to a purposeful vision

Create a vision compass with a purpose.  What is a vision compass?  It is a visual representation of your  stated goals with words and pictures.  The key is the visual pictures of your goals is more powerful then just words.  These pictures stay in your mind longer and are easier to hold onto when challenges are pulling you away from your vision.  Review your compass, once a day is best.

Having a purpose to your goals is very important, Life is best when you have a purpose for your existence on this planet. 

Living life without a purpose is a sub optimal life journey. IMO