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Open House October 15th in Ejido Puebla, Mexicali

We will  celebrating the completion of our Mexicali, BC, MX. straw bale house build with an open house. This is CDPF second build and we built it for Roberto and Rosa whom will then occupy it with their dog manchas, whom has been guarding it for months after the event.

We will have a nice lunch and show off the project.

You need to have a valid passport to return to the USA.

Directions to the event.

I would like to thank all whom help on this project and provided support.

Without Damian our Mexican project lead and our MVP on the project it would not have been completed.

Special thanks to Trevor, Joe and Jagdish for trekking with me for many, many weekends and the support of my lovely wife Barbara it would not have happened either.

I would also like to thank the other volunteers in Mexicali whom helped too, friends and family of Roberto and Rosa, Damian and his wife Eli, son Caleb and many more.  Let's not for get our friend that came from GDL Felipe and helped us too.

Thank you all, hope you can make it.  

Without you all this would never of happened.