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Thanksgiving Weekend

I had a great weekend, I hope you did also.

I did not play with my computer much, so I did nothing in my mind. :-)

I was setting up my new HDTV on Thanksgiving and I got a phone call from Austin, Texas area, since my company CSIdentity Corporation is located there I thought it was an employee calling.  The surprise was it was not an employee calling me with an issue, but a total stranger that had stumbled across my project.

David the person whom called me made my day!

David is interested in building a small house in Oaxaca, in the mountain area east of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.  He is interested in learning more about straw bale house construction and may be interested in this technique for his project.  I am hoping to meet David in Austin in December.

This was just a reinforcing experience that I am on the right track.  It was also a nice subject to discuss during our evening dinner to celebrate the positives of our lives.