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Mexicali Project Week 5

April 16th

Trevor and I left lakeside around 7 am Saturday morning towards the project in Mexicali. We got to the project site around 9:30 in the AM and found plenty of people working on the project.  This weekend we did not need too many people, but were glad to see them there to help. Damian as I had asked got the ladders we had built the weekend before up on top of the walls.

We drilled holes in the ladders directly above the the tubes we place in the footing to run our cable or strapping through. We chose to use strapping as I mentioned in weeks 4 update. We started running the strapping through the tubes, I had decide that we use two clips one each side of the wall. I though this would make cinching down the ladders more consistant since we could apply tension from both sides.

We set this up with 16 tubes within the footing 4 per side, but we ended up getting cement is a few of them, which was a problem for us now. We needed to have placed duck tape over them to protect them while pouring the footing. We got all the problems one freed up except for 1, so we able to slide the strap under the curb boards.

I started using the weed wacker to even out the walls and it worked pretty good, trevor took over and did the other 7 walls, while I strapped down the ladders. It was extremely hot this Saturday, over 100, this took a lot of energy out of us. We have been eating lunch at the site, but I decide we were not going to stay out in the sun for lunch today. We headed over to the church and lunch in the social hall. We rested in the shade during the hottest part of the day.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cinching, retightening and adjusting the walls. Before we ended for the day and started our trip back to San Diego, we discussed building the truss for the roof. We all concluded how we were going to do it, I left Damian the money he needed to get the wood he would need to build the truss during the week.

Before heading back to the border, we had dinner at teh churches social hall, Rosa and Angela had dinner ready for us all when we got there. We had a nice meal and then said our good byes and headed out. Along the way my low beam on the right side went out and as we went towards the border we passed a police car and he saw my light out. I did not really know it was out until he pulled us over. the police asked us 101 question we told him about our association with the church and he then just let us go at that point. I turned on the high beams and drove all the way to the border and then home. The crossing was the fastest we have experienced with the car, 22 minutes :-) .

We left my house at 7AM and got back to my house at 11 PM a long day, but a successful one.