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Mexicali Project Week 4

April 9th-10th

We took off a week between the actual work week 3 and week 4. On this weekend Jagdish and I continued the stacking of bales, during the break Damian and Roberto built out the remaining window bucks that we needed. We needed 4 windows bucks and 1 buck for the air conditioner for this project. We acquired 3 new windows and I had a used window that I recycled for the project.

We arrived Saturday morning with our new toy which was poly strapping and a tensioner tool, which I found to be easier and cheaper then using metal cables to secure the box beam ladders to the footing. We had great hopes to get that far this weekend. We got all the window bucks in place and started stacking bales around them. Jagdish started on resizing the bales we needed, one aspect of a bale project is you need to resize bales, bales are not a consistant length and you have to work around your windows and doors.

After lunch Damian and I went to Home Depot to get the wood we needed to create the box beam ladders to go on top of our bale wall. We picked up 4x8 sheets of 5/8 chip board and different lengths of 2x4. When we returned with all the supplies we needed, we found that only roberto and Jagdish were at the job site. We did not have too many volunteers, but we wer down to the four of us.

Damain and I built the first of four ladders we needed to build. Since we did not have sufficient volunteers, we started helping Jagdish and Roberto to finish lifting the bales up, which slowed down our project. Damian got on the phone and got his son Caleb and his friend Moises to show up and help us. Once they showed up we were able to cut and assemble the rest of the ladders. We got 90% of the way done by night fall, so I had everything I need to complete the final assembly the next morning.

We put all the tools away, locked up the project lot and headed back to the church where dinner was waiting for us. We had our dinner and talked a bit, but we were pretty tired and headed to bed around 9:30.

Got up the next morning, had breakfast and headed back to the project site. I and Damian finished off the the ladders and Damian headed off to church to give his sermon.

Jagdish, Roberto and I finished making some small bales to go above the windows, we also started leveling and the last layer of bales prior to placing the ladders on. We were making good progress, but needed to fix a bale that was sitting too tall. Durring that process Jagdish ended up hurting himself, I had to use my first aid kit to stop his thumb from bleeding and drove him back across the border and to San Diego. Jagdish and I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening at the emergency room.

The good thing is Jagdish's accident could have ended worse, I am so thankful it was not.