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Mexicali Project Week 2

Footing and monolithic slab day.

We left Friday night towards Mexicali.  This weekend Trevor, Jagdish and I crossed the border with my Explorer and headed to Puebla where the church and build is located.  We arrived across the border around 9:30 PM and met Damian and he guided us tot he church.  We sleep the night at in the church nursery on the floor.  We all had a restless sleep, mainly due tot he traffic driving by the church and the anticipation of geting up early for the concreate pour.

We got up at 6 AM and had breakfast. We headed towards the build lot to get ready for the the cement truck to arrive.  I unloaded our tools and then Damian and I got in the Explorer and headed towards the concreate company to pay the bill for the the 11 cubic meters coming.  I thought it was just down the road, but it was about 15-20 minutes away.  Once we got there and we went to pay they said no $100 bills, that is all I had, they said when he manager arrives at 8 AM she will take them.

The bad part of waiting 30 Minutes was that the first truck was on the way and was delivering the concreate.  Trevor and Jagdish were left alone and had never poured a slab.  they concreate truck driver just basically dumpt the 7 meters in the middle of the slab and the poor guys had to shovel it all around.  Luckily some help showed up to help them.  This guy Joe whom lived in the neighborhood an american living in Puebla a few blocks away was nice enough to help out Trevor and Jagdish.  By the time Damian and I made it back around 8:20 they had about half the slab completed. Jagdish and I started placing the J bolts in their places all around the perimeter of the slab and made sure the rubber tubes that the cable will run through the slab did not have cement in them and were at the correct distance.

The clean up truck came by the build site with the remaining 4 meters of concreate, the crew got the cement all spread out, we pulled the screed guide boards out and filled the gap left. We sued a float on a long pole and floated the whole slab. We wrapped up all the J bolts and checked all our distance. By noon we were al done and headed to the church to have lunch.

Later that afternoon we headed towards the border and waited in line for about an 1 hour and 15 minutes. Once across we got some gas and headed back to lakeside. We got the footing and slab done, mission accomplished. Trevor and Jagdish you did an awesome Job!