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Mexicali Project Week 1

The first week of the project was successful! Danian did a great Job of getting everything ready for stage 1 getting the foundation in place. The area first need to be compacted to insure the ground was firmed up, since Roberto had raised the area where he wanted house. They leveled the area and laid out the 8 meter by 8 meter size foundation lines. They dugout the footings that need to be 2 feet wide.

Friday night Trevor, Joe, Jagdish and I left Lakeside towards Holtville to get the motor home. Once we picked it up we headed towards Calexico to the El Camino baptist church where we camped for the night. Saturday morning we drove to the border crossing where we all met Danian on the Mexicali side. Danian took us to the site in Puebla to form and place all the re-bar needed to complete the footing prep.

Danian, Roberto, Caleb and Manuel were there to assist us with the forming and iron work for the foundation. We started bending re-bar and the form boards up.

We created re-bar boxes that were placed into the footing portion. Danian did an excellent job creating us rectangular shaped out of smooth number 2 re-bar. He built them so fast and each one just perfect. Once we had those we completed the re-bar boxes.

We all got together at noon and had lunch that Roberts wife and her sister brought us. We had burritos bean and carne assada with home made salsa.

We ate and rested a bit and then went back to work. The sun was pretty hot by then and was starting to affect us. We spent the next two hours getting the grid laid out across the slab and everything tied off.

We left around 3PM back to the border, we crossed the border and picked up the car, stopped by the auto parts store for a fuel line for the motorhome. Joe fixed the fuel leak and we left the El Camino church back towards Holtville to store the moho.

We headed to El Centro and to grab some fuel and get dinner before the ride back to Lakeside.

Weekend 2 will be pouring the footings and monolithic slab early Saturday morning.