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Mexicali Project

I have been working the Mexicali Project opportunity. I have spoken with Danian a minister of a small baptist church in Mexicali, BC. He told me of a person that need some help, he mentioned he is sight impaired and had some land that we could build on. The congregation will assist us in building the structure.

I talked with Danian on Saturday the 6th and he said the person was interested in the project. I was going to go the weekend of the 13th to visit, but I had to postpone, but I did speak with Danian on Saturday the 13th. I have tasked him with getting some information on the cost of straw bales, the dimensions of bales and the cost of cement. There is a Home Depot that we can use for other supplies for the project.

We talked about building a 2 or 3 room structure.

I'll get you more updates as we move forward.

Harold Gottschalk
“That which is worthwhile is worth life’s wily journey.”