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Tierra Miguel Farm Project

Trevor met the executive director of Tierra Miguel Farm and discussed our business/organization with him. Fortunately, he had already been planning on building some structures for the interns working on the farm could sleep in. After speaking to me about an hour about straw bale and getting to know me for a few hours, he decided that we would be a good match.

Harold, Jagdish and Trevor had an informal dinner meeting with him in South Park, so that we could further the previous discussion. The good news is that he is ready to have us start building ASAP on their property. He would like to build a small village for the interns (about 4 120sq.ft. structures) arranged in a communal fashion. They have a foundation which will be paying for the cost of materials.

Our initial plan is to build the first structure with our immediate team, some close friends who would like to volunteer, and farm staff. We will brush up on our skills during the first build, document the whole process and realize the exact cost of building a 120 structure. The other structures would be built during workshops that we would lead soon following the completion of the first structure.

We have visited the 85 acre property and found it to be a great place an match for us.

We are now working on plans to build our first structures on the farm. located in Pauma Valley