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My Latest Project: Casa De Paja Foundation

Dear friends,

I would like to update you in regards to my latest adventures.  For some who barely remember whom I am hold on and read through it.

I have been working on an idea that was spurred by my youth and a quote form JFK  "And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country ."  

I decided to See if "One American" can make a difference. 

I decided the best thing I could do for America was to assist indigenous Mexicans of rural Oaxaca.  Today Immigration legal or illegal is the dividing issue among Americans, yet no real solutions have been proposed.

Let me see if I can help them stay home with their families.  Did you know?  They leave their homes and families to find work in the United States of America; due to the lack of jobs or ones that only pay them $10/day.  I can see why they come to the United State's, but our  Immigration policy needs reform and it is unlikely to happen in any manner that makes sense to me.

My Mission Is to Build Straw Bail Homes

  • Create an environment conductive to promoting this methodology of construction throughout the region. 
  • Create an environment of collective economics that demonstrates the power of capitalism.   We call this "Collective Capitalism".
  • Create a positive vision that rural life can have solid economics and prosperity without the negatives of urbanization.
  • Create an environment devoted to the ethics giving. 

Why Straw you may ask?

  • Renewable Resource
  • Locally available materials
  • Twice the House in half the time
  • Well Insulated.
  • Its not hard to do, I did it.

What is your Road map, you may ask?
Now that you have built your first prototype.

  1. Create an non-profit USA organization.
  2. Create a non-profit Mexican sister organization.
  3. Create more prototypes
  4. Create a supply and training center
  5. Develop a sustainable revenue stream for the organization
    1. Donations
    2. import/export of goods between US and Mexico
    3. Straw technology products, plywood, pre-built walls, etc.
  6. Foundation Franchise of Logistics and training centers.

What can you do?

  • Nothing, just tell somebody about it is great.
  • Send Money :-)  Casa De Paja Foundation
  • Work on the project
    • Website
      • Develop content
      • Manage CiviCRM
      • Promote site
    • Fundraising campaigns
      • Web
      • Local
    • Legal advise
      • US
        • Import/Export
        • Immigration
      • Mexican
        • Import/Export
        • Immigration
        • Property Ownership
    • NAFTA
      • Understanding the advantages
      • Understanding the pitfalls
    • Mentors
      • Construction
      • Spanish
      • English
      • Business
    • Transportation of Goods
      • By Sea container
      • By truck

As you can see there is a lot to do!

If this is some thing that would be of interest I could use your help,  I am looking for like minded individuals whom are looking to make a difference.  My approach is to by pass the trickle down policies of handouts that never truly make it, but to empower the indigenous Oaxacans by assisting themselves via the power of co-operative capitalism and a vision that is achievable and within their reach.

I have placed my flag in the ground I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my letter. 

Casa De Paja Foundation

11603 Osage Trail

Lakeside, Ca 92040

Checks or Paypal

Please pass this on to your  Friends, thank you.
Harold Gottschalk
"That which is worthwhile is worth life's wily journey."