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Casa De Paja Economic Development Foundation believes that spurring Straw Bale Construction development of rural Mexico is unique from an ecological and an economical perspective. By building twice the house in half the time then traditional block and cement technologies used today.

The Purposeful Vision Compass

Life can be the best or worst thing that happens to an individual.  Why is Life like this?  Why do we not all enjoy the same level of life?  Lack of equality, lack of eduction, ancient belief systems and the absence of a purposeful Vision.

My First Stump Speech

My retirement account manager Mike Sheridan, whom once was my neighbor had an appreciation brunch for his San Diego Clients.  Mike unfortunately was unable to make it due to a health issue.  Mike's friend Jay filled in as the MC and the show went on.  I talked for about 2 minutes on my adventures regarding Casa De Paja Foundation.  I created a quick flyer and print up 10 and they were all gone at the end of the meeting.

Thanks you Mike and see you soon.


Thanksgiving Weekend

I had a great weekend, I hope you did also.

I did not play with my computer much, so I did nothing in my mind. :-)

I was setting up my new HDTV on Thanksgiving and I got a phone call from Austin, Texas area, since my company CSIdentity Corporation is located there I thought it was an employee calling.  The surprise was it was not an employee calling me with an issue, but a total stranger that had stumbled across my project.

David the person whom called me made my day!

Casa De Paja website back on line

We were temporarialy offline.  I was using a service instead of setting up and maintaining my own on my own servers.  I guess I did not pay for last month, never got the bill.  Well here I do not need to worry about that.  I will be rebuilding the content, not that I had much, but I did have some.

Thank you for your support.


My Latest Project: Casa De Paja Foundation

Dear friends,

I would like to update you in regards to my latest adventures.  For some who barely remember whom I am hold on and read through it.

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