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Casa De Paja Economic Development Foundation believes that spurring Straw Bale Construction development of rural Mexico is unique from an ecological and an economical perspective. By building twice the house in half the time then traditional block and cement technologies used today.

Mexicali Project Week 1

The first week of the project was successful! Danian did a great Job of getting everything ready for stage 1 getting the foundation in place. The area first need to be compacted to insure the ground was firmed up, since Roberto had raised the area where he wanted house. They leveled the area and laid out the 8 meter by 8 meter size foundation lines. They dugout the footings that need to be 2 feet wide.

Mexicali Project Kicked Off is proud of the fact that we kicked off a new build project this Saturday March 5th 2011 in Mexicali, BC Mexico.  We have been working with a small community church pastor over the last several months to manage the logistics of this project in Mexicali.

Mexicali Project

I have been working the Mexicali Project opportunity. I have spoken with Danian a minister of a small baptist church in Mexicali, BC. He told me of a person that need some help, he mentioned he is sight impaired and had some land that we could build on. The congregation will assist us in building the structure.

Tierra Miguel Farm Project

Trevor met the executive director of Tierra Miguel Farm and discussed our business/organization with him. Fortunately, he had already been planning on building some structures for the interns working on the farm could sleep in. After speaking to me about an hour about straw bale and getting to know me for a few hours, he decided that we would be a good match.

June 2010 a Straw Bale building course at the Solar Living Center in Hopland, CA.

Trevor and i attended a course in Load bearing straw bale structures.  the course gave us hands on experience and covered the California building code related to building a non-permitted  120 sq. ft. or less structure.

We learned many new things and made some new friends.


Trevor attends CASBA Conference this weekend April 9-11th.

He hopes to get a better understanding regarding what others are doing in the Straw bale house building community.

Update On Project

The project will start to move forward once more with the help of Trevor Stine whom has joined the project to assit me with my vision.

Trevor has just completed his Master Degree form SDSU in I believe Latin American Studies (sorry was not sure), he has done many different projects in Mexico and spent quite a bit of time in central America traveling.

I met Trevor about 1.5 years ago and told him about my adventure regarding the Casa De Paja project and he said once he finished his master degree he would like to get involved.

October 2008 Trip

October 2008 I went back to Tamazulapam to work on another house and move the project forward.

I had a safe trip, but found that the amount of time needed to move this forward at this physical distance is greater then I had hoped.

I will provide a more detailed description regarding my trip.

I will be looking at finding a location close to  boarder to work out benifts of using this green technique to  build homes and develop our strategy moving forward.

2008 Plans and Goals


  • 2 trips to Tamazulapam, First in March and the second during the Fall.
  • Build a second Prototype in Tamazulapam proper.
  • Build in the local San Diego area as a fund raising learning event, Tecate Area allows for easy boarder crossing


Happy New Year

2008 is here and it is going to be a great year!

Last year we did many things to advance the mission and I found some grass roots supporter too. 

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