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Were still Alive

Been very busy, we hope to kick something new off in the Fall.

Our member Joe is doing well he is a Miracle survivor and after months in the hospital and 10 months have passed he is now getting around and getting better each day.

We just got the domain name which I guess was given up by the group in spain. Those coming from there please let us know if we can help.


Open House Celebration

The open house celbration was awesome.  We had a large crowd that came to see the house and we had plenty of food for all. we presented awards and shirts to the most active volunteers.

Thank you all for assistance and support of this project.



BTW the reason it took me a long time to post is due to our friend Joe had a catastrophic health event and almost pasted. this happened the afternoon of the open house, Joe did not attend, but after 45 days he has had a miraculous recovery, Joe is still in the hospital and has a ways to go.

Open House October 15th in Ejido Puebla, Mexicali

We will  celebrating the completion of our Mexicali, BC, MX. straw bale house build with an open house. This is CDPF second build and we built it for Roberto and Rosa whom will then occupy it with their dog manchas, whom has been guarding it for months after the event.

We will have a nice lunch and show off the project.

You need to have a valid passport to return to the USA.

Directions to the event.

Mexicali Project August 6 2011

Headed to Mexicall to see some of the finishing touches on the house. Joe went with me on this trip and we stopped at the Home Depot in El Centro to pick up a whirlybird vent for the roof. when we got out of the truck we found that the desert was not cooking, which was great, since it is August and it gets hot out there. We made it to the house and saw they had the color coat on the outside and inside stucco walls. It looked awesome!

Updated Mexicali Slide Show

I finally updated the photo slide show so you can see the whole project. I was over at the project last weekend and I took Felipe a friend of CasaDePaja from Guadalajara whom is visting us in San Diego. We picked up some interior doors at the Home Depot in El Centro and installed them at the house. We are still waiting on roberto to get the electric company to hook up the power so we can finish the electric. We are very close to completing the project. Many people appear very interested in our building technique in the area and have been asking Damian about it.

Mexicali Project Long Awaited Update

It has been a very long time since I've done an update sorry. I have gone about every weekend and my last weekend that I was in Mexicali was June 4th. The project is 98% done, we have everything done roof on, electric plumbed, windows and doors in, wall stuccoed inside and out. the first week in June we framed out the interior walls, we are in the process of completing the electric in the inside walls and sheet rocking the wall and ceiling. I will be updating the build show very soon so you can see what we have done.

We are really happy we are almost done!


Mexicali Project Week 5

April 16th

Trevor and I left lakeside around 7 am Saturday morning towards the project in Mexicali. We got to the project site around 9:30 in the AM and found plenty of people working on the project.  This weekend we did not need too many people, but were glad to see them there to help. Damian as I had asked got the ladders we had built the weekend before up on top of the walls.

Mexicali Project Week 4

April 9th-10th

We took off a week between the actual work week 3 and week 4. On this weekend Jagdish and I continued the stacking of bales, during the break Damian and Roberto built out the remaining window bucks that we needed. We needed 4 windows bucks and 1 buck for the air conditioner for this project. We acquired 3 new windows and I had a used window that I recycled for the project.

Mexicali Project Week 3

March 26-27, 2011

We left Lakeside towards Mexicali early saturday morning. We stopped in El Centro at the home Depot to make a few last minute purchases. Jagdish and loaded up my Explorer the night before with some old windows and a toilet I had left over from some remodeling projects. We aslo loaded up soem tools like electric chainsaw and my grinder with a Lancelot chaine saw blade. The Lancelot is very cool tool, but it is a bit dangerous and you need to pay attention when using it.

Mexicali Project Week 2

Footing and monolithic slab day.

We left Friday night towards Mexicali.  This weekend Trevor, Jagdish and I crossed the border with my Explorer and headed to Puebla where the church and build is located.  We arrived across the border around 9:30 PM and met Damian and he guided us tot he church.  We sleep the night at in the church nursery on the floor.  We all had a restless sleep, mainly due tot he traffic driving by the church and the anticipation of geting up early for the concreate pour.

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